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How to decide if a wedding or eloping is best for you.

Questions to ask yourself about your big day

1. Do I want to have a big wedding ?

2. Does my budget allow for a big wedding ?

3. Is something traditional really for me ?

4. Is eloping more my vibe ?

5. Intimate or big party?

Answering these questions can help you decide whether or not you're wanting a more traditional wedding or maybe something a little more personal with small celebration afterward. What is most important to you partying it up with your family & friends or having that intimate elopement just you and your significant other? With breath taking photos of you both throughout the elopement then come back to an intimate brunch or dinner with your closest friends and family.

Table for 8 -18 or tables for 100 plus ( first photo: Kimberly Crist Photography , Second photo Amanda Matilda Photography )

What fits you best ?

Maybe you would rather have the traditional wedding with a few non traditional things added in. Walking down the aisle and having a dance party with your friends is what you have always dreamed of. Making the big decisions doesn't scare you it intrigues you and is what is important to you. Then a bigger wedding is definitely more your vibe and I'm happy to help your day flow if your looking for a planners help.

Crowds are not your thing and you are all about having those magic landscape pictures of you and your significant other. You like the idea of celebrating with close family and friends but not so much all the planning details. Everwood Collectives Elopement packages are perfect for that. We have put together the design , a menu to choose from and selected vendors to make it just right. Its the way to have that Pinterest style but without all the decision making. More details on

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